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This page lists all the online courses that I currently teach.

Some are offered once a year.

Others are taught two or three times each year.

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Karen Kingston

Clutter Clearing Courses

Fast-Track Clutter Clearing

Expert help for all types of household clutter except paper, digital, and clothes.

Zero Procrastination

Learn how to live top-down, overcome procrastination, and get things done.

Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter

In-depth help for all types of paper clutter and its digital equivalents.

Declutter Your Clothes

How to declutter and organize your wardrobe from top to bottom.

Living Clutter-Free

How to tackle mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of clutter.

Conscious Living Courses

Creating Conscious Space

Learn how to bring more consciousness to your home environment so that it will nurture and support you at deeper levels.

Change Your Bedroom, Change Your Life

Discover the many surprising ways that changing your bedroom can improve aspects of your life.

The Seven Levels of Consciousness

Find more meaning in life by learning to access higher levels of consciousness.

This is an advanced course, so it is only open to those who have taken at least one other course first.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

Over 2 million copies sold in 26 languages.

All the clutter clearing courses bring the content of this book vividly to life and offer deeper levels of insights and techniques. Now in its fourth edition, the book has established itself as a timeless classic in its field. It’s available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats.

Professional Clutter Clearing Practitioner Training

The next professional training starts in April 2024. You can find more information here.